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3 Ways To Address Your Customer’s Problems On Your Website

Ryan Feyer

One of the key ingredients in every marketing message is the “problem.” Naming the problem your customers are facing and describing how your business solves that problem.

The problem is… you don’t want to spend too much time talking about the problem or you’ll come across as “doom and gloom” or worse, just plain manipulative.

So, how do you highlight the problems you solve on your website in a clear and helpful way? Well, keep reading. We’ve got a few options for you below.

#1 The Question Headline

One easy way to highlight your customer’s problem(s) on your website is with a simple question as a headline:

  • Struggling to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Does your snowblower fail to start every winter?
  • Hungry for a meal that helps the planet?

Naming the problem within the question makes the problem clear and shows your potential customers you understand their pain. Making the question a headline makes it even clearer, especially for the text skimmers of the world (ie. most of us).

After naming the problem in the headline, be sure to include a few sentences, bullets, or a paragraph about how your business solves those problems and makes your customers’ lives better.

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#2 The Comparison

The comparison is another good way to highlight the problem on your website. By showing the contrast between the present reality and the potential reality, you’ll show your prospects clearly and compellingly how you solve their problem(s).

We’ve seen these in infomercials for years. The before and the after. The old and the new. The hard way and the better way. There’s a reason infomercials do this: because it works.

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#3 The Subtle Paragraph

Another way to highlight the problems your customers are facing is by spending a little more time developing the narrative in paragraph form. Sometimes your customers don’t even realize they have a problem until you start naming all of the pain and friction they feel in their lives.

Describe the problems and pain, but don’t leave them there in despair. Show your customers there is a better way and how you can help them reduce friction in their lives.

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Naming the problems your customers are facing is a necessity in the marketing strategy for your website. But remember, problems are like the salt in your marketing baking recipe. Use too much and it could ruin the whole batch. Use too little and no one will come back for a second helping.

Last updated March 16, 2021.