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5 Free Social Media Tools for Marketing Success

Johnny McKenna

If you’re not utilizing social media, you’re essentially saying you don’t want to find new clients and customers. 30% of internet users discover new brands or products through social media ads. Maybe you’re not ready to dive into social media ads yet, but you’ve been wanting to beef up your social media presence through consistent posts and excellent content. 

While creating a social media marketing strategy can be a beast to tackle, there’s a whole sea of tools at your disposal. So how do you separate the good from the bad? The free and quality vs. the free and garbage? What tools are actually helpful in creating what you need to market your business? Here are 5 free social media tools for marketing success!

1. Google Drive/Docs – Mobile and Desktop

Free document/spreadsheet/storage solution with real-time syncing across devices.

Whether you’re drafting a plan, laying out a calendar, or creating a presentation, Google Drive has everything you need for free. Just by creating a Google account, you receive 15GB of free storage. Google Drive also comes with an office-like suite, with a document editor, spreadsheets, presentation, and forms.

You’re also able to see real time syncing in most of these products and have access to them no matter what device you’re using. Utilizing Google Drive goes well beyond social media, and can have a huge impact on organization, productivity, and keeping your team on the same page. 

2. Canva – Mobile and Desktop App

Free graphic editor with thousands of free templates, tutorials, and fonts. Premium plans give access to more templates, stock photos, and social media scheduling. 

If you don’t have the money or expertise for Photoshop or other Adobe products, Canva is a perfect alternative. Need to create an Instagram post that’s eye-catching but don’t have hours to spend designing it? Canva can help with over 2,000 Instagram post templates to choose from. After you choose your template, it can be customized with your message, colors, photos, and more. 

BONUS PRO TIP/TOOL: Not loving the stock images available to you on Canva for free? Check out for hundreds of thousands of free to use stock photos. 

3. Unfold – Mobile App Only

Social media story creation app. Mobile app only. 

Stories on social media have introduced all new avenues for marketing. Over 50% of marketers have found social media stories to be effective.

Stories can feel daunting when it comes to social, but Unfold helps you create beautiful professional-looking story templates that inspire you and promote your brand.

4. HootSuite – Mobile and Desktop

Schedule your social media posts.

Who has the time or the energy to post on the right networks at precisely the right time? With HootSuite, you can schedule your posts for up to 3 social media channels for free.

While the app isn’t always the most consistent, the online scheduler works like a dream come true. Create your social media posts, schedule them, and move on with more important work on your plate. 

5. Google Trends – Mobile or Desktop Website

Find out the popularity of what people are searching for, and where they are searching for it in real time. 

Trying to figure out if your bakery should promote cakes instead of cupcakes? Or what about unicorn cakes? How do I know what people are searching for? Enter Google Trends.

Google Trends is insanely powerful in helping you see trends in what people are searching for. You can see what searches look like worldwide or even regionally. Utilizing this tool gives you a glimpse into what people are searching for and how you can use that as an opportunity in your marketing.

Last updated January 7, 2021.