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9 Ways To Add Credibility To Your Business Website

Johnny McKenna

We’ve all either been the victim of an internet scam or know someone who has. Our radar for “Nigerian Princes” disguised as websites is pretty high these days. So how do you make sure your website doesn’t feel like a back alley exchange that’s going to steal information or follow shady business tactics? 

In this post, we’ll share 9 tips that’ll be sure to give potential customers a sigh of relief as they evaluate your business.

#1 Visual excellence

First impressions matter. If your website (most often the home page) is someone’s first impression of your company, what exactly are you communicating? A study by one poll found that 70% of people claim they would not buy from a company with a poorly designed website.

Solution: Pursue high quality website design.

#2 Physical address and telephone number visible

If your site just says, “Michigan SEO Expert” or “Michigan based SEO company” that’s good, but in order to build credibility and trust, include your physical address and clearly list your phone number. When potential clients see an area code or city they recognize, that instantly boosts your credibility.

Solution: Place your address and phone number in the footer.

#3 SSL certificate 

When you land on a website and see a red “not secure” in the browser address bar, your credibility takes a huge hit. Make sure you do the (easy) work of installing an active SSL certificate. 

Website Not Secure

Solution: Get a free SSL certificate installed on your web host.

#4 Fast loading times

If your website is secure but it takes a long time to load, your credibility takes another hit. 

People will give up on waiting for the site to load and visit your competitors instead. They may also construct theories in their head as to why your site is taking so long to load. Theories like your site isn’t safe, your company is out of touch with technology, you’re not easy to work with online, it will take forever to purchase from this site, etc. 

A little speed goes a long way. It also goes a long way in helping your search engine optimization.

Solution: Get a fast web host or execute performance enhancements.

#5 Partners and/or associations

Does your business have partnerships with other credible companies? Make sure you call that out on your site with links to those partners. Borrowing another company’s credibility goes a long way. 

Also, if you belong to a reputable association like BBB or chamber of commerce, list that as well so customers know you care about your reputation.

Solution: Add partner logos to your website.

#6 Testimonials

If you have customers that love you, ask them for a review. It could be a written review, a short video, or even a voicemail about their experience. If they’re a business as well, ask if you can use their logo on your website to show you’ve worked with real people and real businesses.

Solution: Add testimonials to your website.

#7 Social media accounts

If you have an active social media presence (that isn’t out-of-date or forgotten), link to those accounts on your website. Social media lets your customers know your business still has a heartbeat. It also allows you to share what you’ve been up to and how you’ve helped your customers.

Solution: Link to your social profiles.

#8 Clearly display your guarantees, warranties, etc.

A product warranty or service guarantee is a great way to eliminate the risk your potential customers feel when beginning a relationship. Displaying your warranty clearly on your site boosts your credibility as a business that cares about their customers.

Solution: Create and display graphics showing your warranty, guarantee, or return policy.

#9 Keep content updated

While your website design looking out-of-date is one thing, the content on your website is important to maintain as well. Content that hasn’t aged well can make it look like your business is out of touch or even permanently closed. 

Solution: Keep your website up to date.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Last updated January 26, 2021.