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9 Ways To Generate Leads Using A Pull Piece

Johnny McKenna

A pull piece, lead magnet, op-in incentive, freemium, ethical bribe, or whatever you want to call it, all have the same objective: generate leads by offering a high-quality product or resource in exchange for a piece of contact information.

If you’re looking for inspiration on different types of pull pieces you could use, then look no further. Below are 9 examples of great content you can offer in exchange for a potential customer’s email address.

1. Case Study

While case studies contain pretty specific types of data and content, the success that is revealed can move potential clients to take the next step with you. 

Be sure to include relevant before and after data to highlight the results the client experienced. Be sure to get permission and approval from the client to reveal the data you’re highlighting. Once you have approval, create a teaser of the content and have it gated behind a form that collects email addresses to access the study. 

Create additional proof of your proficiency by including an excerpt from the client in the case study. A video clip would be best, but a text quote works too. 

2. Bonus Pack

If you’ve written a blog post or produced a video, you can add more value by including bonus content at the end to reward those that stick with you to the end and opt-in. 

Let’s say you wrote an article entitled “the 6 RV accessories you need for a stress free trip.” You could include an additional PDF of the article with extra bonus content, including links to new accessories that have been released since the original article was published.

3. Cheat Sheet

If your business lives in a world of acronyms and sophisticated terms, consider offering a one-page cheat sheet that people can refer to later. It could be as simple as a glossary of terms or a brief summary of some key concepts. 

In the automotive aftermarket, we’re bombarded with acronyms like ACES, PIES, SDC, APQP, VIO, SEMA, MDMs, DAMs, and more. An aftermarket distributor could consider offering a cheat sheet with all of these industry terms to help their suppliers and customers navigate the automotive encyclopedia world. 

The benefit of these kinds of resources is that readers don’t have to memorize the content in the asset you’re giving them, but it keeps your brand top of mind as they reference the sheet.

4. Ultimate Guide

Ultimate guides are the perfect choice if you’re in an industry that is well established and original content is rare. In this situation, there are multiple experts and/or topics that have been covered exhaustively. This could be links to books on the subject or links to other blogs/resources written by experts. Remember to link to the content and not copy and paste the content directly into your guide. 

5. Resource Guide

Resource guides are a perfect lead magnet for those looking for tools to help them achieve results. It could be something simple, like 3-5 podcasts or books written by experts in the field. Consider including both free and paid resources. Maybe there’s even purchasable software that creates results immediately, which is extremely helpful for potential customers. 

Maybe you’re helping business owners forecast what their future income will look like. Share your favorite financial forecasting software that integrates with their CRM for ease-of-use.

6. Checklist

If you have an instructional blog post, you essentially already have the skeleton of a checklist waiting to be created. Take your original blog post and list out the actionable steps, simplifying them as much as you can. Make the steps actionable/achievable so people who use your list can work through it step by step while seeing progress. 

To get more downloads and leads, make your list printable! Being able to physically check off items on a list is exactly what people are looking for when they download checklists. 

7. Webinar

This one may sound intimidating or even unachievable, but chances are, you have everything you need to create a webinar with value. Your webinar doesn’t have to be long, or collaborative with multiple guests and speakers. You can take your most popular blog post, and turn it into a webinar. Ask a coworker to interview you or just create a few slides that keeps you moving through your points. 

Webinars are great because they can be held with a live audience for interaction and then later made available for replay or download. When you collect email addresses, you’re able to reach out to the attendees later and ask if you can help them with anything related to the webinar’s content. Think about that. You’re reaching out to warm leads that already view you as an expert in the content you’ve presented. 

Consider even running the same webinar a few times if attendance is low and you’re hoping for more live engagement. Always make sure your date and time is clear and include a calendar invite as part of your registration.

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8. Workbook

Workbooks, like checklists, are most effective when they are designed for printing in mind. People who download workbooks will print them out and work through them, so remember to leave space for writing down answers to questions you pose. Attach workbook opt-in links or forms to the end of your blog posts. The workbooks should help people apply principle-based concepts to their business.

Your goal is to help your readers learn by filling out the workbook. Again, you have positioned yourself as the expert in this scenario and are helping businesses learn. Make sure you include useful exercises that culminate in a final product. 

Maybe you’re helping someone write the best possible Facebook ad. Walk them through the creation of each part of the ad and why it’s important. By the end of going through your workbook, they should have gone through everything they need for creating a Facebook ad that produces results. 

9. Mini Ebook

If you have a series of blog posts surrounding a particular topic, you have a mini ebook in the waiting. Look through your resources and think about how they could be combined into one PDF that walks readers through multiple posts compiled for their convenience. Ebooks pack a lot of punch as a resource and great lead magnets. 

If you’re a coffee shop, you could compile 5 of your posts about the coffee process. Consider an ebook that walks customers through  the “beans to pour” process and how to make the perfect cup of coffee, espresso, or latte at home using your tips and walkthroughs.

Last updated March 10, 2021.