Building Better Brands
By Unveiling Truth

We Believe In Building Better Brands.

Feyer Marketing is a strategic digital marketing firm based in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

We help marketing leaders build brands that win. From initial research to final results, we’re building great brands that keep getting better.

Since 2001, we’ve helped hundreds of small- and medium-sized businesses and non-profits grow their revenues by helping them enter the digital world with confidence and expertise.

We Love Brands.

Here are a few we've worked with recently.

Simplicity Wins

“I believe in the power of marketing, but there is so much bad marketing out there generating a lot of noise and cluttering the marketplace. My passion is helping small- and medium-sized businesses cut through the noise and the clutter using simple, effective, and efficient marketing strategies that work.”

– Ryan Feyer, Managing Director


Ryan Feyer

Managing Director

Johnny McKenna

Client Experience Director

Invest In Marketing That Works

Many believe marketing is “arts & crafts.”

We believe marketing is an investment.

Cost center or measurable return?

Let us prove it to you.