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Defining Your Business Platform

Johnny McKenna

Within seconds of landing on your website, potential customers should know how you add value to their lives and what they need to do to become a satisfied customer. One of the primary ways this happens is through, what we call, your platform.

What is a platform? Essentially, a platform informs potential customers about your business. The platform is made up of three key components:

(1) What you do.

(2) How it makes your customers’ lives better.

(3) Direction on how a customer can take action.

We call this a platform, because it describes the essence of your business. Think of a politician running for elected office (sorry if this is triggering). They often have a campaign platform that outlines what they believe in, why they are running for office, and how they intend to accomplish those things.

Similarly, your business has a platform that tells your potential customers what you do and how you make their lives better.

Let’s break down each part of your business platform.

What you do.

You may know what your business does forwards and backwards, but your potential customers don’t. They also probably don’t know all your industry or insider jargon. Break down in the simplest term what your business does at its core. Don’t overthink it, just make it simple. 

Are you an orthodontist? You straighten people’s teeth.

Are you an automotive aftermarket performance parts retailer? You sell parts for cars.

Are you an epoxy floor installer? You install epoxy floors.

I realize these are over simplifications of complex companies with more than just one kind of offering. At the end of the day, you’re looking to bring clarity to what you do so your customers will listen.

How it makes your customers’ lives better.

How do you add value to your customer’s lives? How is their life better because they’ve purchased your product or service? Explain to the customer how their life will be better after working with you so they can visualize themselves being in a better place because of what you offer. 

Take what you do and think about how you add value and make customer’s lives better. Let’s look at the previous examples.

As an orthodontist, you make lives better by giving people a smile they love, or confidence

So your platform could be:

  • Straighter teeth for a smile you’ll love
  • Straighter teeth for the confidence you’ve been lacking.

You could even combine them for something like:

  • A smile you’ll love for the confidence you’ve always wanted.

As an automotive aftermarket performance parts retailer, you make lives better by helping customers build their dream car, or turning dreams into reality

Your platform could be:

  • Performance parts to build the car of your dreams.
  • Turn your dream car into a reality with our performance auto parts.

Another idea would be to give them a vision of a goal they have. Something like:

  • Performance auto parts to get your car to turn heads.

As an epoxy floor installer, you make lives better by transforming old spaces into rooms that wow, or giving old floors new life.

Your platform could be:

  • Epoxy floors that transform old spaces into rooms that wow. 
  • Epoxy flooring that gives your old floors new extended life.

Again, help them see how their lives change for the better:

  • Be the envy of the neighborhood with a garage floor that stands out and holds up.

Make sure you think of a clear and compelling phrase that describes what you do and how it makes your customers’ lives better. Don’t get too cute. Clarity trumps clever! 

Direction on how a customer can take action.

Below the Platform statement, repeat your site’s primary call-to-action with a button (ie. what a customer needs to do to get what you offer). 

The call-to-action should inspire action and, if possible, overcome objections some might have.

Here’s a few examples of overcoming objections with a call-to-action:

  • Objection: I bet this takes forever – Call to action: Receive a quote in 5 minutes
  • Objection: This is probably expensive – Call to action: Get started for just $1
  • Objection: Is this for me? – Call to action: Am I a candidate?

Whatever it is, make sure it’s a button that stands out and is clear.

After you’ve designed your platform, get it on your home page, at the very top. Your Platform should visually take up most of the screen when a user visits and should contain some type of image or video that reinforces your platform by showing it in action, if possible.

Last updated February 2, 2021.