Building A Better Powered Brand

How an ADA pool lift brand pivoted into the automotive tools market.

Client: PowerArm

Industry: Automotive Tools & Equipment

PowerArm is a SafeGuard Power Products brand. SafeGuard is primarily known for their LifeGuard Lift brand of ADA pool lift products, but recently made a pivot applying similar technology to the automotive tools and equipment space.

Problem: New innovative product, no brand, no go-to-market strategy.

SafeGuard developed a new powered engine hoist product, but needed help with the full marketing spectrum of activity, including naming, branding, and a go-to-market plan.

Solution: Brand creation & launch.

Feyer Marketing conducted market research and built a brand launch plan and overall marketing strategy.

Developed the identity for the brand, including the PowerArm name, logo, messaging as well as product naming, positioning, and messaging (features, benefits, etc.)

Designed and developed all of the PowerArm platforms including website, e-commerce, and social media.

Implemented an influencer strategy and paid social media advertising campaign.

Result: Turnaround in under 90 days.

<90 Days - Conducted all foundational work, including research, strategy, branding, development and more, and launched brand to market with 90-day turnaround.

ROI+ - Generated advertising reach of >100,000 people and >5,000 website sessions becoming ROI positive in less than 30 days after launch ($3.20 CPM; $0.09 CPC; 3.75% CTR).

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