A Rock-Solid Growth Plan

How the nations largest RV consignment dealer increased projected revenue +$9MM.

Client: PPL Motorhomes

Industry: RV Parts (E-commerce)

PPL Motorhomes is the nation’s largest RV consignment dealer with three locations in Texas and an online store. They also have one of the largest online RV parts and accessories stores.

Problem: Under-performing website and inefficient digital advertising.

PPL engaged with Feyer Marketing to help increase online sales of RV parts and accessories. During our initial analysis, we found two major improvements that could be made.

First, the user experience on the parts e-commerce store was cumbersome and time-consuming to navigate. Second, their digital advertising was in “set it and forget it” mode and underperforming.

Solution: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & Advertising

Feyer Marketing proposed a new optimized parts page layout. We implemented this layout as an A/B test using Google Optimize to measure any impact the change would have on conversion.

We also made several digital advertising enhancements, including implementing Facebook Catalog remarketing ads and re-optimizing Google Shopping campaigns.

Result: +9MM Increase In Revenue Projected

2X Conversion Rate - The optimized parts page layout doubled the conversion rate. We’ve never seen such a clear winner in an A/B test.

3X Advertising Efficiency - The addition of Facebook catalog remarketing and improvements to Google Shopping significantly brought down the cost of advertising, nearly tripling ROAS (return on ad spend).

+$9MM (projected increase in revenue) - The compounded improvements in site design and advertising efficiency amount to a projected $9 million increase in revenue over 12 months.

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How We Helped An RV Dealer Increase Revenue By $9MM

How the nations largest RV consignment dealer increased projected revenue +$9MM.

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