Branding To Grow Your Business

Give your brand clarity, so your customers remember who you are.

Our Belief About Branding

Brands are built, not created.

We don't believe brands are created, as if they simply appear out of thin air. Brands are built. They're built around people, beliefs and ideas. Let's build your brand together.

Customers Don't Know Who You Are?

Many brands fail to clearly and concisely communicate who they are and how they help their customers.

Let's Make It So They Can't Forget.

We help lead your potential customers through an exercise in memorization so they remember who you are and why you matter to them.

Our Branding Services

Brand Values & Foundation

We’ll help lead you through the process of determining your brand values, personality, and positioning.

Logo Design & Identity Creation

Your logo is your stamp on the world. Let’s make it a good one.

Brand Messaging Framework

We’ll help you develop messaging that is clear and compelling and give you a system to ensure it’s consistent.

Product Messaging & Positioning

Let’s make sure purchasing decisions are crystal clear for your customers with product-specific messaging and positioning.

What Sets Feyer Marketing Apart

Our diverse expertise, across industries and disciplines, makes us the ideal trusted partner for your next marketing project.

We Get Results

We’re not a traditional creative agency. We’re not here to just make things pretty or elegant. We’re not here to wow you with our creativity. We’re here to deliver meaningful impact to your bottom line.

We Craft With Purpose

Everything we do ties back to what we call your brand pillars: your vision, your goals, your plan. This ensures alignment between strategy and execution, which means you actually get the results you need.

We Focus on Clarity

We believe clear trumps clever. We believe when your customer truly understands who you are and how you can help them, that is what builds a brand, not glitz and glamour.

Luke Zimbelman

Marketing Manager, Place Technology

Coming Soon

Luke Zimbelman

Marketing Manager, Place Technology

Coming soon.

Luke Zimbelman

Marketing Manager, Place Technology

Coming Soon.

Who We've Helped With Branding

Free Resources For Our Friends (that's you!)

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