Performance Digital Advertising That Creates Demand

Create a low-cost, steady stream of new business for your automotive aftermarket brand.

Our belief about advertising

Your customers deserve to hear from you.

When you make great products, your customers deserve to know about it.

Advertising online can be overwhelming.

From tracking pixels to conversion goals, creating and executing a digital advertising plan that continually deliver results can be time-consuming, confusing, and stressful.

We make your digital advertising perform.

We’re not just ad managers, we’re performance advertising specialists, helping our clients get the highest return possible out of their marketing investment.

Platform Setup & Strategy

We’ll help you determine the best advertising platforms for your business and create the audiences and campaigns to help you best reach your target customers.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With the massive amount of advertising data Facebook has on its users, we can help you reach the right customers at the right time.

Google & YouTube Ads

We're certified partners with Google, creating search, shopping and video campaigns that nurture cold leads into hot paying customers.

Amazon Advertising

If you sell products on Amazon, we can help you maximize your potential with Amazon’s Marketing Services to ensure you are winning your fair share of sales.


Let us help you optimize your campaigns so they deliver the highest return, turning ROAS (return-on-ad-spend) into real ROI (return-on-investment).
Case Study: See how we tripled ad efficiency and doubled conversion rates for an e-commerce RV brand.

Why Feyer Marketing Digital Advertising?

Target Your Customer

Think your niche is too small to target with digital advertising? Think again. We can help you successfully reach micro segments and generate traction in any market.

Create Pull

Generate buzz and get your customers asking for your brand by name. When you create pull for your products, your distribution partners willingly help push your brand even further.

Move The Needle

Our campaigns consistently make a noticeable impact on real business results. Check out how we 2X'd sales for one brand with just 3 simple ad campaigns!

Waste-Free Advertising

When you buy performance advertising, your hard-earned investment dollars go towards actual results. Let us help you eliminate the waste and bloat from traditional and direct-buy advertising.

Conversion Rate Optimization

When we manage your advertising, we evaluate the full funnel. That means we optimize efficiency and conversions not just in the ad platforms, but also on your website.

Real-Time Reporting

See all of your advertising metrics in real-time. We provide full transparency so you know exactly what results your investment delivers.

Fixed Pricing Model

Most agency base their fees on a percentage of your ad spend budget. That's not fair! And it's why we utilize a fixed rate pricing model.

Experienced Ad Pros

We've been buying performance advertising for nearly two decades. That's why our clients trust us to manage $1MM+ in marketing investments every year.

Google Partner

We are a Google Partner Agency with 10+ year Google-certified specialists who will be at your disposal.

What Sets Feyer Marketing Apart

Our diverse expertise and focus on the automotive aftermarket makes us the ideal partner for your next digital marketing project.

What Sets Feyer Marketing Apart

Our diverse expertise and focus on the automotive aftermarket makes us the ideal partner for your next digital marketing project.

We Get Results

We’re not a traditional creative agency. We’re not here to just make things pretty or elegant. We’re not here to wow you with our creativity. We’re here to deliver meaningful impact to your bottom line.

We Craft With Purpose

Everything we do ties back to what we call your brand pillars: your vision, your goals, your plan. This ensures alignment between strategy and execution, which means you actually get the results you need.

We Focus on Clarity

We believe clear trumps clever. We believe when your customer truly understands who you are and how you can help them, that is what builds a brand, not glitz and glamour.

Luke Zimbelman

Marketing Manager, Place Technology

Coming Soon

Luke Zimbelman

Marketing Manager, Place Technology

Coming soon.

Luke Zimbelman

Marketing Manager, Place Technology

Coming Soon.

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