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Why You Need A Steak Knife Marketing Firm

Johnny McKenna

If you’ve ever sat down to eat a steak, chances are you didn’t reach for a butter knife or a multitool to cut the steak. You used a steak knife. While multitools are great and helpful for a variety of different tasks, they’re rarely a permanent replacement for every tool in your arsenal. While the knife in a multitool can be helpful, it’s not a replacement for a steak knife.  

A steak knife has a serrated blade, typically 8.5 – 9 inches long, and was made with cutting steaks in mind. When you’re looking for a marketing agency to help grow your sales, hire a steak knife, not a multitool. 

Here’s what I mean:

Marketing agencies that describe themselves as “full service” are the multitools of the marketing agency world. While they may be able to offer a little bit of everything, chances are, their team is made up of people who are capable of a few different kinds of marketing tactics. While capable people are nice, they aren’t always specialists who’ve spent years honing their craft and are regularly keeping up with trends – constantly growing their skill set within a specific marketing niche. 

You’ve probably even stumbled upon this idea yourself when you’ve asked a marketing agency what their “sweet spot” is. You’re asking them: where are you specialized and where are you most capable?

Feyer Marketing is a steak knife when it comes to 2 things. We build better brands through web development and digital advertising. We could even go further and say: we fuel automotive aftermarket brands with performance advertising and profit-inducing websites. With a strong portfolio and case studies of strong results, we’re confident that we’re the steak knife of the automotive aftermarket marketing world. The kind of agency you’re looking for with the experience to grow your aftermarket brand.

We desire to operate under three principles while providing our digital marketing services: serving greatly, total ownership, and relentless momentum. I’ll explain more.

Serving Greatly

We do not seek greatness, but serve greatly the causes, values, and missions that are bigger than us. 

Your company is more than just an idea, numbers, or a website. It provides jobs, housing, financial stability, college funds, food on the table, fuel in your vehicles, vacations with your family, and so much more. Trusting us with marketing dollars means putting it in the hands of an agency that isn’t trying to make themselves great, but make you and your brand even greater. 

Total Ownership

We are known for our entrepreneurial spirit. We think and act like owners internally and externally.

You make the best possible decisions when it comes to your brand. From suppliers, to dealers, to consumers, you own the process. We are an agency that approaches every job as if we were the owners of the company to provide the best value and the best tactics for growth and ROI. 

Relentless Momentum

We value action over perfection in the chase of excellence. 

Done today is better than perfect 6 months from now. We believe the best way to achieve growth is by relentlessly taking small steps, one after the other, over time. These small steps create exponential growth and cause your brand to gain momentum. That’s why we value action (today) over perfection (tomorrow), while never letter our commitment to excellence waiver. 

Don’t waste your time and money on multitool agencies. If you’re an automotive aftermarket manufacturer, then Feyer Marketing is the steak knife you’ve been looking for when trying to build a website that converts or digital advertising that works.

Last updated December 13, 2021.